Practicing being kind to myself

I love this image.  This is  from A Learning A Day

Seth Godin connected me to this blog and I’m loving it.

The invitation for the day is “Who” does your self talk sound like?

A critic (“that was a dumb move”), spectator (“hey, what happened there?”), or coach (“let’s talk about what happened there and what you’ve learned from it”).

I feel like I have all three of these voices…and I want to play with inviting the coach to show up more often.  Read the whole post here


Author: What's Possible Now?

I am fascinated by “how" How people learn. How people communicate. How groups work together. How we increase creativity and innovation. How we create the change we need for a better future for all. I believe the best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better. I want to do work that is ecologically regenerative and economically resilient and socially restorative. I commit to practicing new ways of thinking, being, doing and sharing what I learn.

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