How do we create learning cultures?

I’m working with several organizations who are asking some version of…how can we become a learn forward organization?

Here is an example of an organization sharing how they evolved as a learning culture. Pretty sure this would be what Sam Slade calls a horizontal organization.

I especially love how they have leveraged visuals to help them learn and communicate.

There is overall map of how this organization gets work done and integrates learning into their process.  I could make some sense of the finished map but I really appreciated the white board video that told the story as it was created.

It is a long video (13 minutes feels long in our sound bite culture) but I watched all of it because I am curious about how we create and support learning cultures.

I love that the visual is created with easy to draw images.  You don’t have to be a professional artist or illustrator to create this map.

And they included actual photos of their work place as well as some ready made images ( Darth Vader makes an appearance.)

For me, who likes to engage people in drawing their own maps…this is a doable way to personalize a learning map.

Here’s the whole story

Shout out to Bob Stilger over at New Stories who shared this example on the Art of Hosting Listserv


Author: What's Possible Now?

I am fascinated by “how" How people learn. How people communicate. How groups work together. How we increase creativity and innovation. How we create the change we need for a better future for all. I believe the best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better. I want to do work that is ecologically regenerative and economically resilient and socially restorative. I commit to practicing new ways of thinking, being, doing and sharing what I learn.

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